Start from the idea that brand have similarities with human-have their own stories-born Tjipta Cerita, established in August 2017, a company that aim to help brand grow their business by creating stories for emerging brands or established one. Work in the line of Branding and Production House, we are everyone born with creativity in one hand and the ability to create on the other hand.

We  provide services such as design, photography, videography, and consultation which are related with branding your brand. The end or the result of our services is a product such as logo, banner, flyer, character, poster, food photography product, fashion photography product, videos campaign, video highlight, social media content, etc. Which can be used to be uploaded in social media or can be printed to help branding your brand.



  • Help to brand new brand / existing one.
  • Provide design, photography, videography services for new established business or existing one.


Service Description

  • Design

We offer design services for brand who are looking to create design for their brand. It could be in the form of company logo, product campaign, instagram feeds, business card and etc.

  • Photography (Products, wedding, event, etc.)

For brands who are looking for products photo shoot, we offer product and/or model photo shoot for their brand. We also offer services for event organizer who are looking for someone who are able to documented their event.

  • Videography (Company profile, product campaign, product showcase, etc.)

Video has been one of the way that people use to grab people’s attention. We offer services for brands who want to create company profile or product showcase or campaign.